Way To Go: KRISSY BOWDELL!!!! (Lindemann)

Dear Ms. Bowdell,
Congratulations! Lindemann Elementarry has been selected to participate in the 2018-2019 Building Healthy Communities Elementary School program. The Building Healthy Communities Program is administered by the Center for School Health at Wayne State University in partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the United Dairy Industry of Michigan and the Michigan Fitness Foundation.
By participating in the Building Healthy Communities program, your school will undergo a healthy school transformation that aims to improve healthy eating, increase physical activity opportunities and provide additional educational experiences for all of your students. This transformation unites the efforts of many school staff including the: 
* Principal
* Classroom Teachers
* Physical Education Teachers
* Student Leadership Team Adviser
* Healthy Kids Club Adviser
* Recess Monitors
* Parents, Volunteers and Community Members 
The Building Healthy Communities award provides a tremendous package resources including a healthy living curriculum, instructional resources, PE and recess equipment, resources for families, teacher professional development, and a school-based coordinator to help kick start and support your healthy school transformation. 
In order to move forward with processing your award, there a few steps to be taken: 
First, it is very important that everyone at your school is fully aware of the commitment they are undertaking. Please have your staff review the attached Request for Applications so they understand the commitment that is required for their individual areas. 
Second, when full staff commitment is assured, please review, sign, and return the attached Letter of Agreement via email. This agreement documents your school’s commitment to undertaking the healthy school transformation by incorporating the entire program. 
Third, please mark down the following required program dates on your staff calendar.
* Program Kick-Off and Orientation on August 29, 2018 at Wayne State University
* Program implementation on September 10, 2018 
The Kick-Off event at Wayne State University will include training sessions for many school staff and an opportunity to meet and begin planning with your assigned healthy school coordinator. 
If possible before the end of the school year we would like to set up a time either in person or by phone to meet with you about the coming school year. If you could reply with a time that might work for you in the month of June we will accommodate any availability you have.
The coming school year will be exciting, as well as health enhancing for your students and staff. We look forward to meeting you and working together soon. 
Take care and have a wonderful end to your school year.

Laura Talsma

Healthy School Coordinator & Recruit Coordinator

Building Healthy Communities

Wayne State University